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Wholesale Clients
The volume of fruit that is sold via pick your own is a small proportion of what we grow on the farm, and we have a range of other outlets.

By far the biggest is Ribena, for whom we grow 150 tonnes of blackcurrants each year. Blackcurrants and redcurrants also sometimes go for freezing and jamming to medium and large scale producers.

Most of our plum crop goes into the supermarkets via our marketing group, Norman Collett. We have not got the scale or the packing facilities to deal directly with the supermarkets.

Our Estival eating apples go to wholesale markets around the country, as well as making our own apple juice which some of the local pubs and farm shops stock.

Bramley apples are often sold for peeling and making into pies etc., and we store them in the cold store for small manufacturers such as Ouse Valley Foods to use through the winter.

Specialist producers such as Stratta use a range of our fruits in their wonderful fruit vinegars, and the Wooden Spoon Company use us for some of their high class jams.

Many of the local shops and stalls take fruit from us, especially the slightly less mainstream fruits like morello cherries, damsons and redcurrants.

When we have sufficient quantities we use TG Fruits at Brighton Wholesale Market to wholesale our fruit.

We are always keen to develop new relationships with local producers of fruit-based products, especially those after the slightly less usual. This includes growing the particular varieties to suit your products.